Friday, August 27, 2010

Star Valley

A few weeks ago I went to Star Valley for Dustin and Whitney's reception. Whitney was gorgeous of course! Who would have guessed that they were going to get married?! Crazy! I am super happy for both of them!

While in Star Valley, Kayden and I went to a parade to watch my sister Krystal with the dance team. This was Kayden's first parade and he didn't really know what to think. He had also just woken up and was still groggy. Sitting next to Grandpa earned this little boy tons of candy. Luckily they weren't spraying much water or else he would have been soaked too. All the Jr. High and High School kids always go for my dad.

Skyler and Josh thought they were funny moving their chairs into the middle of the road for when the parade came back on the opposite side. My dad even got all excited and went out there! I've decided that boys never really grow up.

After the reception we hurried back to Afton just in time for the Durby. It was a blast. Here is Kayden enjoying the show with Grandpa.

Look at this guy's number... hehe I thought it was funny.

This was the smallest car in it and he was a trooper. I know he won one round but I can't remember if he won the final round or not. He was the most smashed up too! It's no fun when the winner is one of the cars that doesn't hit others much.

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  1. Kaylee!! I was thinking about you the other day, and realized it has been a looooong time since I have talked to you!!! I will be calling you soon. I miss you too! :)