Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Baby Kayden is here!

On Tuesday August 4th, I went to the Doctor's office and my blood pressure was way too high. My doctor decided that it was best to induce me that afternoon. We started the fun process and 24 hours later baby Kayden was born!! He weighed 6 lbs 1 oz and was 17 in long. Kayden had the cord wrapped around his neck and we waited too long for the doctor to show up to catch him. He came out a little shocked so they took him away for some special attention. Since the nursery is under construction they are all crammed in a tiny room. There was another baby being delivered at the same time and they were all worried about stabilizing this 28 week old baby. This meant we weren't allowed to see Kayden for about 6 hours. It was no fun sitting there waiting to actually meet him. When we did get to see him he had been given an IV. After that he wasn't eating too well. When they took the IV out they were worried about him and gave him a feeding tube. We had to have an occupational therapist help him learn how to suck. After 4 days of him being at the hospital, a nurse finally thought it would be best to let him pull out his tube and see what he would do on his own. This was all he needed to get out of there. He did great on eating and the new pediatrician on call the next day decided he could finally come home. We are excited to finally have him home so we don't have to keep driving to Rexburg to see him.

Kayden after he had been taken to the nursery...

Right before we got to give him his first bath

What a relief... bathtime is over

Dad had a little too much fun with his hair

After he pulled out his feeding tube

Finally he is ready to go home!!

He loved the car ride home in his car seat!

Trying to hold his bottle... how cute!!


Monday, August 3, 2009

Bedrest :(

All of a sudden as of last Wed. I have developed high blood pressure, and have now been put on bedrest. I don't see how other girls can stand being on bedrest. I've only been on for a couple days and it is driving me crazy! The doctors seemed a little worried, and I have been going in for appointments about every other day since then. I even had to go to the hospital yesterday so they could watch Kayden's heart rate. So far everything looks good... except for my high blood pressure. Hopefully this means they will be inducing me soon since I am 38 weeks along!