Friday, August 27, 2010

Star Valley

A few weeks ago I went to Star Valley for Dustin and Whitney's reception. Whitney was gorgeous of course! Who would have guessed that they were going to get married?! Crazy! I am super happy for both of them!

While in Star Valley, Kayden and I went to a parade to watch my sister Krystal with the dance team. This was Kayden's first parade and he didn't really know what to think. He had also just woken up and was still groggy. Sitting next to Grandpa earned this little boy tons of candy. Luckily they weren't spraying much water or else he would have been soaked too. All the Jr. High and High School kids always go for my dad.

Skyler and Josh thought they were funny moving their chairs into the middle of the road for when the parade came back on the opposite side. My dad even got all excited and went out there! I've decided that boys never really grow up.

After the reception we hurried back to Afton just in time for the Durby. It was a blast. Here is Kayden enjoying the show with Grandpa.

Look at this guy's number... hehe I thought it was funny.

This was the smallest car in it and he was a trooper. I know he won one round but I can't remember if he won the final round or not. He was the most smashed up too! It's no fun when the winner is one of the cars that doesn't hit others much.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Birthday Boy

On August 5th Kayden turned one. I can't believe he is that old already! He loved opening his presents and playing with all his new toys. We didn't do anything too big since it really didn't matter that much to him. Here are a few pictures of him having a blast.

He loved the candle on his cake and kept trying to stick his fingers in the flame. Then we tried to get him just to dig into his cake, but he refused. He doesn't like getting way too dirty. Silly kid. I think I've pampered him too much... So we ended up giving him a spoon. Funny thing about this is that anytime in the past I've tried to get him to feed himself with a spoon he acts like he can't do it. With his cake he picks the spoon right up and starts feeding himself like he's done it a million times before! This little stinker is too smart! He pretends that he can't do things so that we will just do them for him. Oh and by the way since eating his cake he hasn't tried to feed himself with a spoon... go figure. I guess I will have to give him sweets more often so he will eat using a spoon, without my help! It's the same with his sippy cup and walking. I have to refuse to help him with his cup for him just to do it himself. With walking he used to take 6 or so steps at a time without any help. Now he refuses to do it unless he is pushing something around or one of us is holding one of his hands! That's okay... We still love our stubborn little guy!! He has brought us much joy this past year and we wouldn't trade him for the world! He really is a sweetheart :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Finished Bed

July 27th was my birthday. It was a fun day and I am excited about my new itunes gift cards, hot pink amika straightener, and an auxilary cord so I can listen to my ipod in the car. My main gift was a gift card for a professional massage.... and I cannot wait to use it!! This will be my first professional massage :) Thank you baby!! I love you! You are seriously the best hubby ever! The day after my birthday my parents also came up to hang out. They brought our finished bed with them and helped us set it up. Phil says this was also part of my birthday. I am grateful for all the time and hard work my dad and Phil put into it. Isn't it gorgeous?!

Here are a few pictures from my birthday dinner.

Kayden was good the whole time until I was eating my ice cream. He stopped crying when I shared some ice cream with him. Look at his sad eyes.

Getting happier...

Yeah for ice cream!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Family Pictures

At the beginning of July, Phil's sister took some pictures for us. Kayden's nap was interrupted to take the pictures so we couldn't get too many good ones of him :( He was super clingy and would only let me hold him certain ways. It was a little depressing that he wasn't happy but we ended up with a few super cute ones. Thanks Sarah!