Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We finally moved!

We have officially moved to Chubbuck! We have known that it would possibly happen for a while now, but we have had to keep it quiet for business reasons. We were also waiting on Phil's boss to give us the date for when it would be best for us to move. At first I wasn't too excited to move to Pocatello because it has always seemed more run down and nasty. This was from just driving through rather than actually driving around the area. We searched options of places to live and found the perfect place. We are still close to the mall, wal-mart, and other awesome places. It took me a while to get excited but now that we are here I'm looking forward to it. Anywhere we go shopping the people have been super nice and seem more talkative. Much better customer service than in Idaho Falls. A lot of the people seem pretty genuine here. It almost has more of a small town feel about it too! We have been here less than a week and I am already liking it!

So far Phil has been super busy with work, and I have been trying to get everything unpacked. Kayden was a huge help throughout the whole packing process... some boxes I had to repack 10 or 20 times. haha I thought that maybe the unpacking would be easier, but now he just throws everything back in boxes. It's been quite exhausting. Anytime I get something put away and all organized, he takes everything out and organizes it in some other room. It's super cute but wow!

(Ignore the clip in his hair... haha. He doesn't usually have accessories in his hair. This was a few days before I got to trim his hair and I felt bad with it constantly in his eyes. At least it's not too girly like a pink clip or flower ;)

I stole some pictures of the outside of our apartment off the internet and here they are. As soon as I get everything unpacked I will post more pictures of the inside... I am almost completely finished! :)