Thursday, July 29, 2010

Blue Angels

Last weekend we got to go see the Blue Angels. It was a pretty awesome show. Kayden even took an hour nap while three jets were flying around. I definately would call that a miracle. Everytime they would fly by he would jump. Poor thing. Here are some pictures and a couple videos from our fun day at the air show!

Here we are just watching the show before the Blue Angels did their thing.

This looks like the jet that Phil's uncle owns and rents out for shows and whatnot. He wasn't sure if this was the actual one but there are only a few of them left. How cool is that?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Bear Lake

Last Saturday we had a family reunion at Bear Lake. We got to play a little football, volleyball, and had some fun water wars. Kayden got used to the water and had a blast playing in the sand.

Phil and Skyler kept goofing off during volleyball... they think they are funny!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Boating, Wakeboarding, and Windmills

We finally have gone boating a few times this summer with Mike(Phil's boss/good friend) and his family. Phil is glad his knee has healed so he can finally wakeboard again (our season got cut short last summer because of his injury). I also decided to do a little wakeboarding myself. It has been almost 3 years since I last tried. I think snowboarding has helped me with wakeboarding but it definately killed my back. Here is a picture of Kayden at the end of his first boating trip. He was a little nervous our first trip and would usually just cuddle up to me. After that first trip he was trying to walk all over and climb out of the boat. He even got in the freezing water for a minute. He is such a good little boy!

On our way up to the lake I noticed that they are adding a ton of windmills. I think windmills are awesome so I got all excited and made Phil stop so I could get a couple close pictures. Phil was talking to the project manager the other day about them and learned a lot of interesting facts. Don't worry I won't go into all the details but it was cool to me :) I guess they only have like a hundred now but when they are finished they will have 3,000. I can't wait until they get that many and they are all running!

Notice the little orange out house compared to how huge the windmill is.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

4th of July week

We have had a crazy busy month already! Sorry if this gets to be a long post. Its been hard to keep up with blogging. A couple weeks ago I got to go up Grover and visit my family while they were camping. It was a blast being able to ride dirt bikes again. It's been so long because last summer I was hugely prego and couldn't go on any real bike rides. haha All I got to do last summer was ride around Auburn... and I'm sure back then I was quite a sight to see. Kayden also enjoyed his 4-wheeler ride with Grandma while the rest of us were off on our bike ride.

I got to spend some time with Courtney before she left for Montana. It is always fun to see her! Kayden also loved her birds! He kept trying to sneak over to the bird cages to play with Kiwi. Thanks for coming to visit Courtney! Maybe we will get in a vacation and come up your way!

Phil's family also came to town for almost a week. On Thursday we all got to go rafting down the Snake River. Phil and I went and dropped Kayden off at my parents house. My mom is awesome and willing to babysit so we can go have fun. While we were at my house, Phil went and helped my dad change pipe. Not a good idea! He didn't even make it out into the field before his eyes were way too swollen. He turned around and didn't even get to help my dad. The weird thing is that he has NEVER had allergies before. His eyes were swollen so bad that I kept making fun of him looking like a chinaman. haha I'm nice I know. Finally we got Phil's eyes to be somewhat better so we could go meet up with his family at the river. We decided to just rent a raft and have Mike be our guide rather than pay a ton more to hire one. We only made one mistake and didn't get out where we were parked. By the time we tried paddling over to the ramps, it was too late. haha this is where the adventure really began. The men hiked out at one spot and hitch hiked to the car so they could drive it to Alpine. Then they climbed back down the mountain so we could get going again. We ended up finding a spot to hike out just before getting to Alpine. The men were busy dealing with deflating and carrying the raft up the hill but we were very pushed on time to get the raft back before it was due. Sarah and I decided to hitchhike this time. There were a lot of jerks that wouldn't stop! Finally a super nice girl named Charlie from SV decided to pick us up. We didn't get the raft back in time, but luckily someone was still there so we could actually turn it in. This was definately an adventurous day full of fun!
Friday was Phil's birthday. Emily, Phil's sister, wanted us to take her to Eclipse and Friday was the best day for it to work. So we all went to the movie while Phil's mom was nice enough to watch Kayden. After the movie we went and had dinner at Red Robin. Phil then wanted to go race go karts. Once again Phil's mom was super nice and sat out with Kayden while we raced. Thanks Shirley. Later we went and had some yummy Cold Stone ice cream :)
Saturday Phil went golfing. Then later we had a bbq at Mike's. We also went and watched the fireworks. Kayden refused to look at them and kept covering his eyes while cuddling with me. After that we went back to Mike's for some more awesome not so legal fireworks. Shhh... Don't tell!

Sunday we had planned going boating, but luckily that didn't work out since my family surprised us by showing up. We went out and had a fun picnic of Panda Express (we finally got one here in Idaho Falls and it is delicious!). Kayden got to swing and play at the park with my family. Later we had a yummy dinner with Phil's family. Phil's sister also took some family pictures of us. I am looking forward to seeing these and will post them when they are ready! Thanks Sarah!

Anyways I am out of time so I will have to post some more pictures later... and there are some things I don't have any pictures of that just might have to steal from you too Sarah! :)