Friday, April 30, 2010


Here are the pictures I didn't have time to add to my last post. Kayden's first time in the swings. He seemed to enjoy himself but it was definately something new to him.

In the last picture can you tell he was done and ready to go?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

April Adventures

I haven't been keeping up on blogging lately. So here goes a post for the month of April.

For Easter we got to go to Star Valley. We had lots of fun coloring eggs and finding them in the morning. Phil and I also enjoyed still being kids and running around finding eggs filled with candy. Usually we have this egg hunt outside, but since there was way too much snow this year most of the eggs were inside with a few outside. I didn't get any pictures because I was too busy racing around trying to get more candy. :) Kayden liked his new toys. As you can tell he also loved the sugar peep Grandpa spoiled him with.

Watching conference with Daddy

The weekend after Easter, Kayden I got to go back to Star Valley for Shay's Jr. Prom. She asked me to help her with her hair. We wanted to do a half updo but the guys ended up only giving their dates an hour and a half to get ready. That short time also included a shower since they had been 4-wheeling all morning.
I couldn't even finish getting her hair curled in that amount of time, so needless to say she was a little late. Luckily my tiara I wore for my wedding was in my closet there so at least she had a little something more than just curls.

We have all been loving the nice weather. Every day that it has been nice outside Kayden and I have gone for walks. I've even started getting a farmers tan lol... ugh. Phil and I took Kayden to the park for his first time. He seemed to like swinging, but it was definately a new experience for him. I've run out of time for today so I will have to post the pictures of him swinging later. Here are a few pictures of his first time playing on the grass.

He loves his tongue :)

Trying to drink out of dad's glass